Fistball Association of Namibia

This is of the top sports in Namibia. The Namibians are known when it comes to this fistball sports because over a number of seasons they have been on the lead throughout. It is no secret the Namibians are now leading when it comes the fistball game rating. Over years the Namibians have scored the trophy as the winning country. In the last game they played they emerged as the leading team after they won all the games which were played.

In recent days tension seems to be on the rise due to the fact that there will be a game to be played on Saturday where they will be looking for the teams that will be playing in the finals. The teams will be playing for National A and National B league. The team that will win need to retain its third place . the cohen will have no work left for them for they strongly remain in the lead of Bank Windhoek Fistball championships after so much competition during the week.

Fistball game is resuming on Saturday where they will competing with the Bank Windhoek and both the games will be played on the same field.

The Bank Windhoek Fistball championship started on Saturday leaving SKW 1 defending the Windhoek National league A in a very stylish manner. The Windhoek proved to their opponents that they were serious with what they were doing in this fresh season for they won all the games. They actually started by challenging the teams with 4.0 sets of wins then automatically winning the race with a win of 4.1 against them opponents.

The Swakopmund earned the second place in winning after scoring a seven set playing with SKW 2. The fistball season for the Namibian started with a lot of cheerful games which were played on Saturday at the opening of the new tournament season. The SKW made it to win in the category A where they won ahead letting the SFC went home with the win in category B.

The SFC were absent for a very long time but they won after showing a recommendable performance bu winning all their games that were used to determine which team should proceed to the finals. The Namibian fistball season is starting on Saturday with the season’s opening competitions. The SKW sports club are hosting like eleven teams that will be playing in two sections. After a long absebce of like four years now the game is supposed to start at 8:30. These team will be participating with the rest top rated Namibian fistball teams which will be playing in category A.

The SFC ruled the field after they were rated as the top team. The Namibians have been away for the past four years but they are still on the lead beating all their opponents during the first round. We can now clearly say that the Namibians do it well in the Faustball Verband Namibia. It is no doubt that even on the forth coming competition they will actually be on the lead.

Fistball USA vs Namibia 2011